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All praises belong to Allah, the most majestic, the most high. All the best names belong to Him and without His will, nothing can be. He is the best of planners. May Allah’s peace, blessings, and salutations be upon the seal of prophets and our teacher Muhammad, his family, and all those who follow in his footsteps.

The Apex Trust is at home in Ilford (Greater London, UK) and was established in 2004 based on three core principles; ISLAM - ETHICS - EDUCATION (IEE).


To become global leaders in nurturing dynamic talents with Islamic ethics, contributing to a fair & prosperous society.


Our mission is to contribute positively to the organic growth of individuals and help them realise and reach their full potential. 

The core Apex principles are captured within our unique ‘FITRA’ values which aim to inspire our team and students to become more:

[1] Faithful 

[2] Informed 

[3] Tolerant 

[4] Responsible 

[5] Active individuals. 

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Apex Secondary School, 287 Cranbrook Road, IG1 4UA

Phone: 020 8554 1208

Email: contact@apexsecondary.co.uk

Charity No: 1116216