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The world has become a big marketplace of ideas and values as well as different role models, both positive and negative. It has increasingly also become a place of information overflow. One where many of our youth have difficulties differentiating between what is right and what is wrong. Thus, the positive development of the next generation is our collective duty. It is with this in mind that we have strongly considered developing an Islamic secondary school to maintain principled nurturing. It is our aim to provide the next generations with clarity and a values-based education for what is, without doubt, another crucial part of their lives and development. The secondary school stage is one where identities are sought, ideals instilled, habits developed and more independence gained.

After serving the local community for almost 20 years with provisions for primary school-aged children, it made practical sense for us to start the planning process and expansion into secondary school education.

I have personally met some of the adults that were former students at Apex Primary School. I was thoroughly impressed, notwithstanding the contribution from their parents and families, with quite obvious and recognisable traits they have inherited from their time at our institution. We hope to recreate our unique tarbiyah model at the secondary school stage and help students as they transition to adulthood.

Please consider supporting us as we try to make this a reality and join us in building this legacy. 

May Allah give us the ability to fulfil our objectives and achieve our goals. 


Syed Ikhlaas 

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